In May of 2019, Animoca Brands made history by selling a non-fungible token (NFT) called the 1–1–1, the first digital car for the officially licensed blockchain game F1® Delta Time. The winning bid of well over US$100,000 made the 1–1–1 the most expensive NFT sold in 2019, one of the highest priced game-based virtual assets, the priciest virtual car in history, and the highest sum ever paid for a branded game NFT. As the developers of this glittering and record-breaking gem, however, we at Animoca Brands were left with an unanswered question: who was the buyer of the 1–1–1?


Ibrahim El-Mouelhy

Literature and science aficionado. Science fiction expert. Founding member, Outblaze. Chief communications officer and producer-at-large, Animoca Brands.

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